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Leveraging our deep market knowledge and commitment to excellence, we guide our clients towards maximising rental property returns, ensuring your investment works harder for them.

At Red Gum Property Management, we understand that your Gold Coast investment property is more than just a piece of real estate – it’s a key to financial freedom and prosperity.

Maximise your Gold Coast property investment return and increase your income with Red Gum Property Management – Where expertise meets unparalleled service.

Nathan Terry -
Founder of Red Gum Property Management

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Red Gum Property Management

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Brianna Cootes
2 months ago

Absolutely amazing ! Nathan is honestly one of the best real estates I've ever been through.. Never fails to help with what ever you need.

Maria M
3 months ago

We met Nathan while he was managing a property across from our house. Although we weren’t looking at the time to lease our home, there was no question who we wanted to manage our property when we decided to move interstate. Thank goodness we did! Nathans friendly and professional demeanor made the entire process seamless and stress-free. He goes above and beyond the job requirements, even finishing off some areas of cleaning we had missed. Nathan has certainly exceeded our expectations, we are incredibly grateful and continually impressed with his service. We cannot say enough about him and would highly recommend Nathan to anyone looking to have their property managed. Thank you Nathan, you are a Blessing!

William Cashman
5 months ago

Nathan consistently went above and beyond to ensure our property rented smoothly and without problem. I cannot imagine a smoother and quicker process. Without being asked, he cleaned the house before the inspection, mopping the floors, scrubbing grime off the bathroom tiles. And even popped over to Bunnings to replace a broken shower grate and curtain fixture. I now have family inquiring about investing in property in Gold Coast simply because they know that there is a property manager there that they can 100% trust.

Michelle Zhou
5 months ago

Nathan is like a good friend and he’s very professional and put in so much extra work and care into our property. It’s our first time to buy a property and we asked him many questions from settlements to getting tenants and he explained with details and profession. He replied to messages very responsively and handle things very well and efficient. We’re so glad to have Nathan to manage our property. Will definitely recommend him to our friends.

Joanne Hoy
6 months ago

Nathan is the best realestate agent I've dealt with, and I've dealt with many. He not only does the job impeccably, but he also takes an interest in his tenants. He is an inspiration!

Nathan has been amazing going above & beyond to help us get suitable tenants for our property. Nothing has been a problem for him, he has even helped me to arrange buying & installing blinds for the property, he has made it all so easy for us!

Alison D'Costa
11 months ago

Very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Nathan to everyone who needs a rental property manager!

Find Net Solutions
11 months ago

Red Gum Property Management Gold Coast are a pleasure to deal with. Nathan is very easy to communicate with, he goes above and beyond, helping Landlords get the right tenants who will look after their investment properties... I highly recommend Nathan and Red Gum Property Management Gold Coast.

koen wilson
a year ago

Great service! Has your best interests in mind at all times

Elycia Morath
a year ago

Nathan is an outstanding property manager who actions issues immediately and is always happy to help out where needed. Couldn't ask for a better guy!

Nathan is extremely professional in what he does. He is very knowledgeable and an expert in his field. He is friendly and an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend his services.

Beau Worsley
a year ago

Nathan provides simple and positive outcomes in all dealings. His genuine care for an investor and their assets is evident.

I highly recommend Nathan and Red Gum Property Management. I have had some really bad experiences with property managers. It has been such a relief to find Red Gum. My properties are now being managed really well, everything is up-to-date, my tenants are happy, and I receive regular updates. Gives me peace of mind.

Linda Cameron
a year ago

Nathan shows true professionalism in his dealings with both tenants and owners.

Nathan is your man for your property management needs. He will look after your property like it is his own.

Red Gum has a very easy to use website and I like Nathan's positive attitude !!

Very easy to deal with definitely recommend Nathan

5% flat rate property management fee

We have worked with hundreds of investment property owners across the Gold Coast and Brisbane to maximise their rental income and reduce their property management fees.

Rental Property Management Gold Coast

Understanding the Gold Coast Rental Market

The Gold Coast’s rental market is as dynamic as its coastline, with a unique blend of opportunities and challenges for property investors.

At Red Gum Property Management, we offer expert insights into local demand trends, rental price fluctuations, and tenant preferences.

Our deep understanding of the Gold Coast’s diverse neighbourhoods, from bustling surf spots to tranquil hinterland retreats, enables us to position your property effectively.

By tailoring your investment strategy to meet the current market conditions, we help you secure the best possible rental yields, enhancing your property’s appeal to a broad audience and ensuring it stands out in a competitive marketplace.

Proactive Property Management for increased rental yields

Proactive property management is crucial for maximising rental income.

Red Gum Property Management’s strategic approach includes regular property assessments to identify potential improvements, ensuring your property remains attractive to high-quality tenants.

We focus on preventative maintenance to avoid costly repairs, optimise operational efficiencies, and enhance tenant satisfaction, leading to longer tenancy periods and reduced vacancy rates.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to negotiate the best rental terms, adjust pricing according to market trends, and implement effective marketing strategies, driving your rental returns to new heights.

Optimising Your Property for Maximum Appeal and retention

The key to achieving higher rental returns lies in understanding what tenants in the Gold Coast are looking for.

Red Gum Property Management excels in transforming properties into highly desirable homes.

From stylish furnishing tips to functional upgrades, we advise on making smart improvements that significantly increase your property’s market value and rental appeal.

By focusing on aesthetic enhancements and modern amenities that today’s renters value, we ensure your property not only attracts but retains the best tenants, securing a steady and lucrative rental income.

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Property Visibility

In today’s digital age, rental property visibility is paramount for securing higher rental returns.

Red Gum Property Management harnesses the latest in property technology, from immersive virtual tours to strategic online marketing campaigns, ensuring your property reaches the widest possible audience.

Our sophisticated use of data analytics allows us to target the right tenants effectively, while our online property management tools offer convenience and transparency to both property owners and renters.

This technology-driven approach not only boosts your rental investment property’s exposure but also streamlines the rental process, enhancing tenant satisfaction and loyalty.

Nathan Terry Founder of Red Gum Property Management Gold Coast
Nathan Terry
Red Gum Property Management

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• Understanding the market value of your property
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• Attracting the right tenants
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering renting out your property or an investment property here are what other investors are asking…

Focus on market research, property improvements, professional property management, and strategic marketing to enhance your property’s appeal and operational efficiency.

The Gold Coast offers a unique mix of beachside living, entertainment options, and a growing job market, making it a desirable location for diverse tenant demographics. There are expected to be a million new people calling Queensland home over the next decade. 

This will no doubt increase the demand for lifestyle rental properties.

We provide end-to-end property management services, including market analysis, maintenance, tenant relations, and legal compliance, ensuring your investment is optimised for higher returns.

Consider modern upgrades, aesthetic enhancements, and amenities that add convenience and lifestyle value to your investment property.

Leveraging technology for property marketing, management, and communication is crucial for enhancing visibility, efficiency, and tenant satisfaction, ultimately contributing to higher rental returns.