How to Ensure Your Investment Property is Compliant

Compliance is one of the trickiest parts of property management. There are a large amount of rules and regulations that apply to investment properties in QLD. Here are some of the main things that come up.

Smoke Alarms

Without smoke alarms, you can be liable for any death or injury on your property and your insurance also won’t cover any damage caused by fire.

Smoke alarms need to be interconnected, photoelectric, with a non-removable battery.  There are rules about what kind of smoke alarms there should be, where they should be and how many there need to be. 

Although you aren’t required by law to have a compliance certificate or an electrician install them it can be easier to do this.

Smoke Alarm for Rental Property Compliance

Electrical Safety Switches

Safety Switches prevent electricity by switching off the electricity when a shock might occur.

Every property must have an electrical safety switch. Most modern properties have them, but many older properties do not. Only an electrician can install it.


Curtain Cord Compliance

Curtain cords dangling down have led to multiple child strangulations and national rules mean all curtain cords need to be dealt with correctly.

Surprisingly, the number of properties has not had the correct measures taken to be legally compliant.


All Inclusions Working

Renting a property with a dishwasher, ceiling fans, air-con units, range hoods, cooktops etc means the tenant is responsible for maintaining them but if they stop working through no fault of the tenant, the owner is responsible for repairing or replacing them.  This is also a compliance regulation.

Maintaining the property compliant means the owner can sleep easy knowing their assets and financial future are in good hands.

It also means the owner will have tenants who sleep easy knowing their home is well maintained. They are then also more likely to stay which is a factor in lease renewals and rent increases as well.

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